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My blog has moved…

I logged in today after what seems like has been agesand saw I have 66 new followers – cool! Unfortunately, I don’t post on a wordpress-hosted site anymore, so I don’t think any of my blog followers are seeing my content. If you’d like to read more about HR, Social Media, Talent Attraction & life […]

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#TruLondon 6: Connecting the Dots With #Social Marketing & Your #Recruitment Strategy

 Did you ever play the “connect the dots” game as a kid? Personally, I loved it – you had this numbered jumble of dots on a page that, as you connect them, reveals a picture or object.  You literally got a “big picture moment.”   Maybe this makes me a nerd… but I always found that order out […]

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Balance & the Bird… Big Bird, that is

Every morning I wake up at somewhere between 3:30 and 4am.  The very first thing I do is roll over and check my email on the iPhone.  If there’s an issue -and there often is- that needs attention, then I fire up the laptop & shoot off replies.  But my favorite hour of the day? […]

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My Message to Group Text Messages: Can I Get an Opt-Out for That?!

To be fair, I’m not big on text messages at all… at least, not in the way they’ve been used in the last couple of years:  a method of conversation.  I’ve always seen text messages as a means to an end, a way to deliver time-sensitive info:  “I’m on my way,” “There’s traffic on McAdams,” […]

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Newsflash: Pro-Bono Doesn’t Mean “FREE”

I’d like to submit there’s a serious misconception or two surrounding the phrase “pro-bono.”  I blame this, largely, on Webster/the Dictionary for making “free” the secondary definition.  While it’s generally accepted that ‘pro-bono’ means that something will be done ‘gratis’ (1), that doesn’t make it “free.”  What ‘pro-bono’ actually means is “for the public good.” […]

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