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Myspace Migration: I Now Own a Soccer Mom Car

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So, I did it. Traded in the Altima yesterday for a Chrysler Pacifica. I now own a “Mommy Car.” The kids are thrilled. It’s a cool looking car. With American cars, it’s best to buy used (well, with most cars, really) because of the MASSIVE depreciation hit you get when you buy new. Don’t believe me? The sticker price for my car new – 2005 Chrysler Pacifica Touring Limited – 31k and change. Now, technically, since the 2007 models are out, you could say it’s 2 years old. So, 25k miles and perhaps 2 years later – it took almost a 50% depreciation hit. Sucks for them, great for me.

Like the Altima, I made sure it had all the little bells and whistles. In fact, there are only two little whistles that I’m missing from the last car: the seat warmers (I WILL miss those) and the one-touch window raise (it has one-touch down). But, it has dual power seats (the Altima only had driver’s power seat) and the DVD player, so – I guess it washes out. Well, it WILL have the DVD player after Saturday. 🙂
Here’s pictures of the car:

That’s what the DVD Player WILL look like after they put it in (but it’s not in yet, so I stole the pic from another one of their cars). I was concerned that the sunroof would mess up the ability to have the DVD player, but they said no.. so yay!!
Grapevine Chrysler Jeep Dodge did a great job. Very painless buying experience overall. Walked in and said, “I want that car. I want X for my Altima, Y for the Pacifica, and I want the DVD.” They said, “Cool” and we were off to the races. Wendy and I celebrated with Cape Cods after it was all over.

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