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Myspace Migration: I Grill!

This just in.. I still grill!
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And some of the food I grill actually gets cooked! LOL So, had a few friends out this weekend for what should have been the Providence Fireworks Show… too much water, courtesy of our monsoon season. My grill died, so I went to get another one.
Anyone who knows me knows I have the capability of being a decisive person. I wasn’t planning on purchasing another grill yet (did want to upgrade later this season, but with Lindsey’s birthday, my brother’s birthday, MY birthday, and various assorted and sundry purchases that need to be made… I didn’t want to do it NOW); so, I decided almost instantly, I was going to spend less than $300. Lowes had grills 20% off – Greatness. I park the car, walk over to the grill display out front; there’s another guy looking at the “mid-priced grills,” too. I see which one I need in exactly 30 seconds, walk in the store, to the register and purchase it. The cashier goes out to unlock the grill and put it in my Mom-mobile. The guy, who was formerly looking at grills, wants to know if there’s an advantage to having them unlocked while I’m looking at them. I explained I had already bought it; he looked at me like I lost my mind.

Seriously, it’s a grill; I’m not deciding which tools to use for open heart surgery. 42k BTUs and 32-burger count is really all I NEED to get by. Now, if I could JUST figure out how to cook chicken legs (Sorry, James!)…

I really enjoyed myself, though. It’s been well over a year since I grilled out with friends on a regular basis, but I used to do it pretty much every week. I think I’m going to get back into the habit of it – I love cooking, and whole foods has a host of cool things to put out on the grill. I got a recipe for blue-cheese jalepeno burgers that I’m itching to try out. The girls and I had salmon burgers today and I’m grilling coconut chicken tomorrow. 🙂

So Bev and I were discussing the topic of ‘territorial marking’ – kinda got me thinking about dating…. how many of you have been ‘marked’ in a current or past relationship? How does that make you feel?

On the dating scene… still not a whole lot going on. I did go out with someone who is actually busier than I am, which gives me hope for me.. but not for developing a relationship with that person. I have come to realize that I’m still a little gun shy after the ‘worst.date.ever.’ I think I’m about ready to blog about that date, now… so, I’ll tease you today with I’ll post that tomorrow.

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