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I'm just a girl in the world.. that kind of likes to write. Mom of 2 teen girls & work as Talent Attraction & Marketing professional. Oh, & I'm addicted to my phone, Social Media, HR/Talent Marketing & Caffeine... you can learn more about me at www.linkedin.com/in/theonecrystal

Myspace Migration: Back in the Saddle & Off the Wagon

When it comes to my writing, I’m back in the saddle. Thanks to the wonders of Strattera, combined with a ‘screw it, I’m GOING to have a life, too’ mentality with work right now, I’m writing again. Not only that, I’ve gotten serious about the finishing and getting published part, and have just sent off a new Proposal, complete with Synopsis, Outline, and Character Developments. I’ll let you know what feedback I get back…. I’ve pretty much combined the other two story-lines into one story. I like it. We’ll see if they do, too.
Health-wise, I’ve fall off the wagon. My kids, lovely little germ monsters, have once again made me sick. Strep. YUUUUCK. And what for them is a sore throat and a general ‘I don’t feel good,’ for me is a painful experience. My throat feels like swollen sandpaper – or, as I like to describe it, “Someone shoved a cup of peanut butter and cinnamon sticks down my throat.” I’ve got my antibiotics, though, and as of 8:23 this evening, I will no longer be contagious. Happy Mother’s Day to me!

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