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What a Night!

So, we had Lindsey’s birthday party last night. I’m ABOUT to go get them up for breakfast and toenail painting…

Let me start by saying, I think the girls had a good time? We went to the mall (after some drama that was slightly unnecessary, but not the girls deal) and they got to do about half of the scavenger hunt before the mall closed. They got four fun outfits from Justice for Lindsey. Most of the girls were pretty well behaved, except for…

1. Chucking Quarters off my balcony – while the adults and I were getting things set-up, the girls decided it’d be keen fun to toss off quarters and see? I don’t know what. But let me tell you how not enthused I was when they came in to tell me they thought they hit a Corvette (they didn’t, but it DID lead to a nearly ten minute lecture and banishment from my room). By the way, the balcony I was so keen on isn’t really all that useful when raining… 🙂

2. Ok, this one I’m still trying to decide how I feel about… Our journey to the mall was delayed? By over half an hour. Why? Because one of the party guests had a parent in meltdown mode. Fun, fun. Not because of the quarter-chucking incident (that I would have understood, as I had a mini meltdown over it, too. But, because the guest’s younger sister wasn’t invited. Now, at least during the entire time they were all around me; her being invited was never discussed. She’s not Lindsey’s age, they’re not friends (they’re not NOT friends, but you know what I mean) and really, there were supposed to be 10 of Lindsey’s friends here last night – have to cut off the invites somewhere.

When I talked about inviting the girl with the other parent, I was very specific on it JUST being the one girl. Of course the Mom knows that, but it’s not her having the meltdown – it’s the girl’s Dad. Doesn’t think it’s fair that his younger child wasn’t invited; so he’s ranting, raving and upsetting his eldest. They’re going to come get her, she can’t stay, I’m totally rude because I didn’t invite her sister, etc.. delivering this via cell phone to her. Who, in turn, is getting upset which is upsetting the entire party (because 12 year olds are inherent drama queens). The girl doesn’t want us to call her parents – but at some point, enough is enough… so, I call. Bring the other kid to the mall and come find us, I don’t care, but I’m really tired of having to go find the kid (and accompanying gaggle of girls) who has to keep running to the bathroom upset – can we not just go to the mall already?

By the time we are able to wrap that madness up and get to the shuttle? It results in having less than an hour to be able to hunt. Four stores knocked off the list; but like I said, I think they still had fun and Justice was AWESOME about letting us stay half an hour late to find outfits for Linds. What got me, was when the other parent showed up? She tried to say “I understand his postiion…(yada, yada)”.. Um, no. I like her -she’s fun overall and I enjoy that our children get along. But, really?

So, I guess I’m wondering – does inviting one child automatically mean the other needs to be invited if they hear about the party? And, if the other child is friends with your other child – they’re GOING to hear about the party. So, is it just automatically required? In terms of Linds’ party, it all worked out ok – having her there was NOT an issue because a couple of the other girls couldn’t make it.. but, it’s the point. And possibly the last minute delivery (read: why wait until AFTER the party starts?)…

Gotta go get the Embassy Breakfast going for the kids now. Later, yo!

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