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I'm just a girl in the world.. that kind of likes to write. Mom of 2 teen girls & work as Talent Attraction & Marketing professional. Oh, & I'm addicted to my phone, Social Media, HR/Talent Marketing & Caffeine... you can learn more about me at www.linkedin.com/in/theonecrystal

GDE. Week Two: Stephen

So, after the fun of the first week?  I decided that someone a little more… stable… probably came with age.  As such, I went to my inbox with the strict intent of finding a 40+ man to play with.  And that’s when I found?  Stephen.  Or, more specifically MedGuyinDallas.

About Me
Hello. I figured I would try this site after reading reviews of it on a popular men’s magazine site. Who knows? Maybe this is better than eharmony or Match, among a few others but only time will tell. Sometimes you get what you pay for! Anyway, I’m here to meet new people seeking fun times and adventure; nothing serious to start.
First Date
A first date should be no more than conversation over coffee and such. A second date is dinner and drinks(if you prefer), but in no case should it be a movie or club.

From:  MedGuyinDallas

I like coffee and it seems so do you.  Why don’t we get to know each other over Starbucks?

From:  TheOneCrystal

Well, hard to say no to a fellow coffee craver.    Love Starbucks; but not so much hanging out there.  What if we took it to… say, a park?  Tell me about yourself, MedGuy; what do I need to know?

From:  MedGuyinDallas

Coffee in the park? Can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday morning. Does Saturday work for you?  I’m a surgeon; I work in Dallas and live in Highland Park.  I was married for 2 years but it didn’t work out.  No kids; but I do have a Weimaraner named Chuck that is pretty high maintanence.  For fun, I like to sail and run.  I also enjoy music.  Where’s Aubrey?

From:  TheOneCrystal

Saturday works great, actually.  I don’t go out often during the week because I have my kids and my career is a little high maintanence… though, not sure if it rivals your dog or not.  Chuck is a very interesting name for a dog, btw.  I was married for 6 years – nearly 7 by the time our divorce was final.  It’s been over 4 years and am jumping back into the dating game after nearly a year off.  I know this is normally something you’d ask after a date; but I’ve never been one to follow the rules… 2 years married?  Can’t help it; that seems rather… brief?   Oh, and if that doesn’t scare you off… I have two little girls and they’re awesome.  Totally the focal point of my world.

From:  MedGuyinDallas

2 little girls – looking forward to hearing more about them.  I’ve always been partial to Hot Moms; the MILF thing is pretty hot.   As far as the fast marriage goes; she was a fast woman and while I joke about them I don’t want to be married to them.  I’m sure you understand.

From:  TheOneCrystal

I’m guessing it was a little late (read: very, sleepy late) when you wrote that?  Prior to meeting is typically not the best time to break out the creepy compliments.  Hellooooo, Leisure Suit Larry!  :p  Ok, the rest of the week is a little nuts for me; let’s just plan on meeting Saturday – say, at White Rock Lake?  8am?  Bring a Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate with 2 shots of espresso and all will be forgiven.

From:  MedGuyinDallas

See you there.

Well, this should be interesting.  Let’s see if he does better in person than he did via email… because MILF?  Reeks of some sort of pedophilic wanna be… just totally creeps me out.

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