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On My Radar: #TNL Dallas

It’s probably safe to say that I’m not one of those people that are easily impressed. I don’t write glowing letters of recommendation for every person I’ve ever worked with or for; and I’m not going to recommend everything I ever come into contact with. So, when something hits my radar screen and stays there? Safe bet it’s probably something pretty special; something you probably don’t want to miss.

Enter Talent Net Live Social Recruitment Conference…. or #TNL for short. (1)

TNL first hit my radar in June while at People Report’s Summer Camp (#PRSCamp). The first thing that I look at when I’m considering a conference is to see what kind of buzz is it pulling? Is it a flash in the pan or does it pull real interest? So, I did my homework; googled, asked around, checked the ‘who’s who’ of who’d publicly committed to attending. I was impressed; some big names were going to be there… people who had garnered my professional respect: Jason Seiden of Ajax Social Media, Bryan Wympen of DriveThru HR, former SHRM COO China Gorman, Maren Hogan of BraveNewTalent, (2) the brain behind the #tru brand, Bill Boorman, Matt Charney w/ MonsterThinking that I’d come to appreciate in #TChat, Marianthe Verver whom I had come to respect in her NeoSpire days; Michael Long aka TheRedRecruiter and, of course, Craig Fisher. Craig had been speaking for the past couple of years at #PRSCamp; passing along some great tips on Social & Mobile recruitment. Everyone I had talked to knew of TalentNetLive & had pretty good things to say about it. So.. good buzz? Check.

The next things I’ll check is cost and venue. What can I say? I want to make sure that I’m getting a good deal for what I’m being asked to pay & I’m not going to be miserable while I’m there. Personally, I love when conferences are hosted at businesses as opposed to hotels or conference halls – obviously, the size of the conference is going to really play into the feasibility of that. (2) You get a peek into their environment & culture; which, as a HR chick? Is a big deal to me. So, when I found out that TNL was being held at Culture-Creation giant, Rackspace?? To say I was ‘stoked’ was an understatement. The conference ticket was under $100; which is a steal regardless of where they were to hold it. This time, #TNL is being held at Fortune “Best Companies to Work for” lister PepsiCo in Dallas… another #win in my book! An ICON Brand, beautiful campus, fun & vibrant environment; great background for the TNL Conference; & the cost to go? Still under $100 if you’re local to Dallas/Fort Worth.

Finally, I try to check content, it possible. A lot of conferences will either link you to the upcoming agenda or show you an agenda from the past. It’s important to discern whether the “Conference” you’re going to is really more of a networking event or if you’re actually going to get usable info out of it. Things that you can implement & it will be capable of improving your business results. A really great learning conference will have you leaving feeling energized, brimming with great ideas and new perspectives. So, for anyone still considering whether or not they should attend #TNL Dallas? Let me assure you, #TNL San Antonio absolutely did that for me. It’s been less than a month and my influence levels have notably increased with some of the subtle shifts offered up by Bryan Wympen and the mobile recruitment techniques & social recruitment ‘cool tools’ I improved upon while there helped provide enough differentiation from my ‘competition’ that I picked up a new client. My brain actually HURT at the end of the day from all the content that was crammed in there! Oh, and did I mention the beyond fantastic networking?? Because #TNL had that, too! The lineup for this week’s conference is shaping up to be every bit as stimulating & I’ll confess, I’m excited. (4)

So, I’m sold… #TNL Dallas is officially on my radar. I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t be on yours if you’re in Recruitment, Social Media Marketing, HR, or anything that deals with Talent; but if you still need a little push? Check out our recaps from #TNL San Antonio below & I hope to see you there!



Crystal’s Goofy Post Conference Update:

Bryan’s “Why You Should Be @ #TNL Dallas:

(1) Incidentally, that’s the hash-tag for the Talent Net Live Twitter Channel.

(2) AWESOME Company, btw- you should check out their Social Recruitment Services

(3) Would never expect to see the SHRM conference on the Verizon Campus (in the RJR building on Hidden Ridge; fab campus) in Las Colinas, for example.

(4) Check out the agenda & don’t forget to ‘like’ the Talent Net Live FB Page to stay in on the fun!

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