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I Don’t Know How She Does It… aka: Life’s a Trade-Off

Can I just say I’m a huge Sarah Jessica Parker fan?  Well, I am and have been since she broke loose in “Footloose.”  Actually, that’s not totally true; I wasn’t old enough to see “Footloose” when it came out; so I fell in love with her when I saw it later on.  Whatever, I’m sure that counts.  She didn’t disappoint yet again in her new movie, “I Don’t Know How She Does It..” and honestly?  Neither did the movie.

I went to the movie today feeling a little guilty, a little concerned and wholly stressed-out.  You see, I really identify with Kate (1) in that I – along with what I’m sure is many other women – totally trade sleep for “The List.”  I sometimes also:

  • trade school volleyball games for work,
  • trade work for Doctor’s appointments,
  • trade my social life for reports;
  • trade dating for networking/functions and
  • interchangeably trade lists and my sanity.
Lately I’ve been acutely aware that in an effort to balance what I need professionally and personally?  A lot of life is a ‘trade-off’ and the movie addressed aloud the question a lot of us ask in making these ‘trade-offs’:  “How do you keep it all together… without losing it??”  Which leads me back to this morning and why I was stressed-out when I went to see this movie.  I was very excited to be included in a speaking panel for what is a great cause this morning.  Unfortunately, I also had one kid that was sick, and another I’d promised could run our sale in our Community’s garage sale this weekend.  She wasn’t quite old enough (2) to work it by herself; so, choices had to be made – who was getting disappointed?  The panel/my work or my kid?  We’re only allowed to do the garage sale 2 times a year and she’d worked hard to get everything set up.
I chose my kid and hoped the repercussions wouldn’t be too bad.
I was supposed to meet what is presumably a very nice man this evening who’s been trying to schedule time with me for the last.. goodness, I don’t even know how many weeks now.  BUT, I promised my boss I’d get some admin stuff done, TalentCulture I’d get the ed cal reworked; and I desperately want to work out. And clean my house.  (3)  I know, I’m quite the exciting person; but I MISS my workouts and I’m too ADD to think straight when my house isn’t organized/cleaned up.  I work out of my house – I found myself working out of Starbucks & Red Dog Right this week because my office was distracting me.
I know I’m not the only one that struggles with work-life balance.  Barnes & Noble, along with my iPad Book Store, reassures me on a regular basis that millions of others must be struggling with it, too; given the amount of literature available on the subject.  So, this week on my blog and for my submission to TalentCulture’s blog I’m going to be looking at “Work-Life” balance… both in my personal life  &  in training Leadership in an effort to #bethechange I wish to be & see in the world.  And I’m going to use this movie to do it.
Next Up?  “The Momsters”

(1) SJP’s character in the movie

(2) Or comfortable enough with it

(3) Really want to reorganize my office and finish cleaning out my room… oh and swap out desks with Lindsey/move her computer desk out to be donated.  And finish reorganizing my shoes since I took them all inside today so they wouldn’t get snagged during aforementioned community garage sale.

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4 Comments on “I Don’t Know How She Does It… aka: Life’s a Trade-Off”

  1. Lalli 09/17/2011 at 8:12 pm #

    I don’t know how YOU do it, lady! You are busy but always present, and you always look awesome! Much respect- you rock!

  2. TheOneCrystal 09/17/2011 at 8:19 pm #

    Thank you – you’re probably being too kind but I’ll take it! :p Hey, speaking of doing it all – Farmer’s Market in Dallas got pushed to tomorrow AM. Going at 8am, which is super early – but if you want to join in? Text me! Also, should have time tomorrow afternoon to do blog stuff w/ you – if that doesn’t work for you then give me a shout/text me and we’ll schedule it for this next week….

  3. Belinda Smith 09/19/2011 at 2:39 pm #

    I have struggled with work/life balance on and off, but setting clear boundaries (when you can) really does help me. I did also choose an organization where I COULD actually set boundaries. For example, I don’t answer work email (unless it is ridiculously important, or necessary) outside of work hours or on my PTO.
    Recently from a planning perspective, I started to put all my social engagements in my phone synched with my work calendar. It helped me to plan when I had a networking event, dinner with a friend, sorority alumni happy hour, wedding or work related responsibilities to be sure I could do all of them reasonably.
    I’m glad you picked to help with the garage sale 🙂 It probably meant more to her than you can imagine! Good post, and I want to see that movie soon!


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    […] Part Two of the “I Don’t Know How She Does it Series“ […]

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