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I'm just a girl in the world.. that kind of likes to write. Mom of 2 teen girls & work as Talent Attraction & Marketing professional. Oh, & I'm addicted to my phone, Social Media, HR/Talent Marketing & Caffeine... you can learn more about me at www.linkedin.com/in/theonecrystal

Week One Done of Tres #TR30Days

To See the Whole Thought Proccess & All My Inspiration Points for Tres #TR30Days click here

If we all did the things we are capable of doing we’d literally astound ourselves. ~Thomas Edison

And for my other piece of inspiration for this #TR30Days Challenge? I offer you .. er, me/us .. “Moves Like Jagger”

This actually has nothing to do with Jagger other than the fact that he’s a total trip and I love the beat!  This is about the beat speed I use when working out…


  1. Read 2 new books .. and shoot for a 3rd for fun! Update: Haven’t Started.
  2. Create and populate a “Gratitude” Category on my blog – creating my own little ‘Gratitude Encyclopedia’ as they don’t update theirs regularly enough Update: Category Created
  3. Get back on track w/ my Spanish Lessons – complete 1 chapter this challenge by spending 15 min. each day w/ it.  Started this – Lesson 1 done!
  4. Resurrect the ‘Pampered Princess’ routine to help unwind each morning – STOP falling asleep over the computer surrounded by work, TC stuff, etc…  Update:  Nope. Not even once this week. 
  5. Make a T0-Do List every day categorized just like this list – and Crystal, make it realistic! Don’t OVERLOAD  Update:  I’ve made lists – but way overloaded. … Got more work to do here!
  6. Get my charity vlogs out ON time  Update: Still Not Out. On the To-Do List. 
  7. Promote Kaye/Bassman Charity Event  Update:  Have done on FB
  8. Dedicated Participation in LoveBomb & No Kid Hungry initiatives Update:  have done #NoKidHungry – but have dropped the ball on LoveBomb


  1. Seriously #10kaday isn’t undoable – it wasn’t even super HARD to bust out under an hour.  So, #10kaday & post it on the #nikeplus & #TR30days hashtags for accountability. Update: Been SUPER busy  – but have done treadmill time every day.  Nikeplus bugged out on me; so have only done that 3 times.  Totally spaced #TR30Days, though…
  2. Dance, dance, dance!  Got the dance room booked for an hour 6 days a week – gonna use it! 🙂  Update:  Yes, I used the dance room – but only 4 times – was a BLAST, though!  #ilovedancing #ilooklikeadork
  3. Commit to converting to buying local exclusively for veggies & fruits – so much healthier! Farmers market every week  Update:  Did the  Dallas Farmer’s market as was busy Saturday morning – was fun!
  4. Weights (cleared, yay!) 3 times a week – low weights, high reps. Update: Not so much, no. 
  5. 3k in 30:  sit-ups, push-ups (that’s gonna FEEL like it will kill me), jumping jacks, stair pairs, and squats  Update:  I’m at 480. Obviously? Behind.  It HURTS, though!! LOL 


  1. 2 New Clients  Update: Might have 1 – we’ll see next week!
  2. Finalize business plan for 2012  Update:  Not yet. 
  3. Get new clients from last #TR30 stabilized & on-process Update: Working on it.  
  4. TC Strategy Finalized & Executed  Update: 40% done. 


  1. Supper Six Calendar for Q4 made out  Update:  Have Oct. set
  2. Get to know the runners in my #Runtherock group Update: Not so much. 
  3. Make a point of getting to know the Saturday Worship Team! 🙂 Update: Still need to get confirm. Jaron’s got that set up. 
  4. Enjoy Dating a little more – feels kinda like a chore at present? Update:  Possibilities :p  Have had some fun flirting; so I call that progress! 
  5. Go back to spending some QT w/ the girls each week – just 2 hours of 1:1 time w/ ea girl each weekday  Update:  DONE.  And it was definitely needed.
  6. 2 Mom/Daughter Dates each month – 1 w/ each girl Update – we hung here; but did do 1 on 1 time w/ each of them. 
  7. Do Gratitude Journaling/Blogging w/ the girls each day Update: Started this – got Linds a new journal… she was kinda stoked, but mainly we’re talking through it.  Recommended Nati do a gratitude vlog – more her speed. 

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