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Recapping my Whirlwind Conference Tour: Rewinding #mRec, Part 1

While from a scheduling standpoint, it completely made sense to go directly from mRecruitingCamp (#mRec) in San Francisco, to Las Vegas for HRevolution; which was the precursor event for the HR Technology conference?  It was exhausting!  I left Vegas the way you’d expect to leave Sin City: brain buzzing, ecstatic from the relationships formed & networking done.. but, mainly… worn.completely.out.  A week of 6 flights/airport terminals, conference sessions, networking, eating out, and walking 500 miles through the Convention Center/Mandalay Bay is about my limit, I think.  Once I push past the exhaustion, however; there’s just quite a bit to buzz through.  Overriding all of it, though; was the realization that social wasn’t just planted into the minds of those in attendance; it was the vines taking over everything in the garden… even, perhaps, some things it shouldn’t.  But I’m getting ahead of myself; let’s start with mRecruitingcamp.

“There really are Three Screens. There’s the TV of which there are two billion of those worldwide, there’s the PC, of which there are one billion, then there’s the third screen, the cellphone. There are more than five billion cellphones globally.”   ~Chuck Martin, The Third Screen:  Marketing to Your Customers in a World Gone Mobile

Michael Marlett put on a very well-organized conference; even more so when you consider this was the first of what I can only hope will be many more to come.  My favorite part of the conference was by far the stats supporting the viability of focusing time & budget on integrating mobile recruitment strategy into our Talent Marketing Programs.  While I confess I’m a total statistics junkie; they really were quite compelling.  Check out this cool infographic by Karen Peterson via TalentMinded that recaps a lot of the cool stats that were covered at mRec.

The most notable stat session, in my opinion, was done by iPass.  I really dug the content; though confess the afternoon session and even-toned speaker made it a little hard to get completely plugged-in at first.  More coffee might have helped with that; but gift-shop chocolate & my fabulous conference buddy, Brianna Foulds of Oakley, perked me back up!  Seriously, I think that the shocking lack of coffee might have been my biggest complaint… and if that’s my biggest gripe? #mRec was a win.  Anyway, Carol Montgomery-Adams took us through the 24-hour Workshift that’s now upon us.  91% of the mobile workforce surveyed reported having a smart-phone.  NINETY-ONE PERCENT.. .Talent Marketers, are you listening here??  You should be.  In other news:  Pathetic though this admission may be?  It made me feel a little better to know that I’m not the only one that sleeps with their phone next to their bed, checks email over a dozen times a day on my days OFF, and am part of the 56% of the mobile workforce that will workshift to later at night to deal w/ my personal life as things come up. Check out the rest of the report; it’s definitely worth reading. Actually, I’ve found that the info in their quarterly reports provides great foundation information when it comes to strategy building; so sign up for their quarterly reports and check in on their white-papers/blog often!

Anthony Scarpino of Sodexo proved to be one of the most engaging, compelling break-out sessions I’ve been to in a long time.  That said, a lot of what they went through talked about optimizing web/email campaigns to look better on mobile – yes, that IS mobile recruitment… though not exactly what I had in mind when I signed up.  But, the truth is; optimization probably is currently the best ‘universal’ bet for success for many Companies when putting together a Talent Marketing/Recruitment strategy to be viewed on a mobile device.  The two are woven together – if your whole ‘mobile strategy’ consists of wholly of SMS messages & Foursquare check-ins?  Your campaign is likely weak… the take-aways from Anthony’s session would have surely helped beef it up!

And speaking of strong, well-rounded campaigns; it’s time for props to PepsiCo.  Chris Hoyt, Talent Engagement & Marketing Leader really did prove-up the hype both his session & Company were given.  They really are one of the more forward-thinking mobile Talent marketers out there.  And their metrics?? SOLID. But, while their app was impressive, their numbers had wow-factor, & their platforms well-developed?  Not what blew me away. What truly impressed me most wasn’t actually about the mobile medium at all – but the content they chose to put on it.  One of my major frustrations with Talent Marketing strategies on both mobile & social is that they’re often extremely transactional; which doesn’t lend itself to building ongoing engagement. “Apply for my job!” “Who Do You Know?” “We’re Hiring!” – Uh, DUH… of course you are.  But that’s all about the Employer and their needs; you don’t get someone to ‘buy in’ to you buy telling them what you want (an applicant, in this case); you get them hooked by showing them how what you have to offer can benefit them – fulfilling what you BOTH want.  PepsiCo gets it.  Rather than just touting a job board app; they took mobile to a new level through showcasing the PepsiCo culture, employee day-in-the-life videos & immediate interaction opportunities with the Talent Team through Twitter, their Blog, all with an easy, aesthetically pleasing GUI.  Go PepsiCo; great session, Chris.

Next up? Part 2 of Rewinding #mRec – “Top 10 Mobile Insights” – Letterman Style!


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