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Rewinding #mRec, Part 2: My “Top 10 mRec Insights”

And Now? It’s Time for My “Top 10 mRec Insights” Letterman-style:

10.  While it was indeed worth the wait; I’m slightly cheesed at myself that it took me so long to meet @ewmonster -and @watsonlg… aka Eric Winegardner and Lisa Watson.  They are bad-to-the-bone awesome! (1)

9.  Two Words:  QR Codes – While the readers still are lacking IMO; it’s clear that people dig ’em.  So, include them – but IMO be original & point them somewhere OTHER than your job listings… like to someplace fun or compelling.  Job Listings Are Transactional – Not Engaging. #justsayin

8.  Integrate the Candidate’s Total Job Search into Your Strategy – it’s about them, not you. Your app may be all  kinds of snazzy; but job seekers RARELY apply to just one firm.  In fact, the average spans into double-digits… if they all have an app? Clutter becomes an understatement; they’re going to be overwhelmed.  Personally? I like the app as a portal into the Talent Community; not the job board.  Oh, & don’t cheap out and try to do mhtml coding across the board; buck up and go native – it’ll work better & the upkeep should be easier.  (2)

7.  We all kinda hate on the ATS – for good reason. They’re clumsy, limiting, and newest reason to think it a pain? Most don’t play well with mobile.  Time to get on it, guys…. if Salesforce can figure it out; so can you.  In the meantime, factor in factoring-OUT your Applicant Tracking System – you’re going to need an alternate strategy.  Overheard at the conference:  “Why not make the ‘end-game’ submittal for mobile job seekers basic info & opt-in information?  Include social connections – that way, your Talent Acq. crew can reach out & touch them should they prove interesting and forget to re-engage.”  – Oh wait, I said that. :p  The Brave New Talent guy, Dave Martin, suggested plugging them into the talent community; also a great idea!

6.  Captain Obvious Moment:  Mobile is NOT a stand-alone marketing strategy.  Glad that was cleared up for me; ha!  Okay, in all seriousness, though; it was good to hear that reiterated several times throughout the day.  All too often many recruiters will fall into the ‘latest & greatest’ Marketing techniques and fall OUT of the method that still works best – direct communication.  Nothing replaces the phone, folks; this is just a method of keeping them warm long enough to call.

5.  Google’s Always on the Playground – SEO just never seems to lose relevance in the conversation; this is no exception.  Google will be ranking websites w/ mobile optimized sites higher than those without it.  Currently, only 20% of Fortune 1000 Companies have a website optimized for mobile.  However, if I can optimize my personal website for mobile?  You can find a way to do it for your business.  #noexcuses #googlesaysso

4.  The “Smartphone” Rules the Roost – 38% of over 5 BILLION mobile devices are smartphones & over 91% of the mobile workforce uses at least 1 smartphone. (3)  Need something? There’s a mSite or an App for that – and if that doesn’t hold true for your Talent Marketing crew?  It’s time to get with the program..  Facebook mobile users are 350 MM strong & stay engaged twice as long as their Computer-using counterparts.  Mobile appeals to our inherent sense of ADD – and since 60% of today’s younger job seekers sleep with their cell phones (4) – they’re at the ready a LOT.  Explore other apps that you could explore for recruiting:  some of my current favs are Match.com, (5) Instagram, Facebook, and Words w/ Friends.  Speaking of….

3.  People like to play games – another big shocker, right??  😀 Well, they do – to the tune of an estimated $54Billion by 2015; accounting for 70-80% of all mobile downloads.  Gameification should be on your to-do list of things to at LEAST be exploring… and soon.  Not gonna lie, I enjoy recruiting on Words w/ Friends; Farmville? Not as much.

2.  Content Counts – PepsiCo’s Chris Hoyt, Sodexo’s Anthony Scarpino & Facebook’s Richard Cho did a great job, respectively, of reminding us that while people might be drawn in by the sparkle of the stone; it’s the quality of the rock that will keep them engaged.  People spend time on Facebook because it’s not only entertaining; but filled with content that’s personal/relevant to their lives.  PepsiCo revealed that their job listings? Wasn’t what got the most hits within their app; that’d be Twitter… where they could have 2-way interactions.  Sodexo reminded us that all the pretty email marketing in the world won’t matter if doesn’t view well from their cell phones.

Which leads to the #1 Insight out of mRecruitingcamp 2011:

1.  You’re already doing it – Mobile Marketing, that is.  We all are.  Not creating & investing in a well-planned mobile strategy doesn’t keep you out of the picture – it just means you have zero control on how you show up in it.  26% of those connected to the internet do so exclusively via mobile.  So those emails you sent of your “hot jobs?”  They’re reading it from on their blackberry… okay, or their Android.  Your Talent Marketing blog?  Is likely being viewed from Safari.  The talent you’re competing for is receiving your experience via mobile – and first impressions are everything.

Thank you Michael Marlatt for a fabulous first impression and year w/ mRecruitingcamp.  Looking forward to 2012 at #mRec!

(1) okay, not a mobile takeaway; but whatevs – this is my fun blog post on #mRec, LOL

(2) Another #justsayin moment brought to you by TheOneCrystal via the programmers I talk to! 🙂

(3) and over 50% of the 91% use THREE.  I don’t know whether to feel jealousy or pity right now.

(4) guilty.

(5) Yes, I DO use this for recruiting – you should, too!

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3 Comments on “Rewinding #mRec, Part 2: My “Top 10 mRec Insights””

  1. Gen 10/10/2011 at 4:21 pm #

    So about the game thing, is it okay if I’d rather design them than play them? 🙂


    • TheOneCrystal 10/11/2011 at 9:29 pm #

      Absolutely – esp given your education! 🙂 Gamestop is hiring for one of those, btw… 😉


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