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Won’t You Be My Neighbor….

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“Won’t you be, oh won’t you be, oh won’t you be my neighbor??”

Do you remember that song from Mr. Rodgers?  As a kid, we used to make fun of that song – what’s the big deal with neighbors, anyway??  We didn’t get it.

Honestly? I still often forget how deep the value of great neighbors really runs.  I mean, I like my neighbors – LOVE a handful of them – and that’s good; but, then there’s also that “Good Fences Make Good Neighbors” saying that I’ve tried to be cognizant of… there’s a limit.  Say “Hi” be friendly – but be careful who you really invite in.  This is a lesson that took me YEARS to learn as I’m an “Open Book, Live Out Loud” kind of gal.

Lately I’ve dealt with some really heavy lifting, mentally/emotionally speaking.  In fact, if 2010 was the ‘year of [relative] love, laughter, and hopeful ‘happily ever afters?’  2011 has been the year of “trials by fire,” I guess.  And that’s okay – it’s in challenges that we grow & I’m all for that.  But sometimes it’s just enough, right?? For me, I find it’s rarely the “big things” that break my back… I’m ‘rollin in the deep’ with that just fine; it’s the little things… yesterday?  That was my contact list.

My contact list was a casualty of my iPhone 4s upgrade.  Oh.My.Gosh… I can’t tell you how big of a deal that is.  Over 4,800 personal and professional contacts; my NET WORTH information… *Poof!* Gone.  With one incorrect click of a mouse button; the lovely little guy setting up my phone deleted all that info.  I seriously thought I might have a breakdown IN Target; but, not wanting to look like some crazy, entitled Frisco housewife? (1)  I kept myself in check until I got into the car… & then I cried.like.a.baby.

Last night, even though it had been a couple of days, I found myself getting choked up again as I was responding to ppl about it on my Facebook. I actually found myself missing my ex-boyfriend, who is like some sort of weird Apple savant; because I was sure HE would have saved me from ever letting this this happen. LOL  (2)  Ridiculous, right?  Right.

Anyway, getting to the GRATITUDE part of this – out of no where, I get a call from my neighbor one street over.  He’s also an Apple Guru (not savant) & is married to another neighbor I was going back-and-forth on facebook with regarding my contacts.  He was calling to help me figure out how to get it back.

Was he successful? No; though that speaks nothing against his expertise w/ Apple products.  But, he did walk me through making sure I never have that happen again – thank you, iCloud & Google Contacts as dual back-ups.  Did he need to? No.  But Chris & Tiffany are neighbors & we all care about each other.

It hit me after he hung up that the exchange we just had – that out of the blue ‘let me see if I can I help you’ is not an uncommon occurring in my neighborhood.  We’re regularly, if not constantly, there for one another.  Taking kids to school, picking people up from work, helping Crazy Crystal w/ her iPhone, donating what we can to help those in need; offering support, love & time to one another.  Because we’re neighbors – a very special kind of friendship – & that’s what neighbors do.  Which, I’m pretty sure, is what has kept me in the middle of nowhere for the last 8 years. 😉

Total. Gratitude. Moment. For. The. Week.  #justsayin  Thanks for trying Chris & Tiffany – and to all my other Provi-Peeps who make me want to mentally sing the “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” song at least once a week…

(1) Not that there’s anything wrong with being that, I guess; I’m just not.

(2) Fleeting moment.

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