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#TR30Days It’s Time for a New Towel…

*this is a less than stellar recording of this song; they were still working out the kinks; click the play button at the bottom to really get to hear a good version of it.  I just couldn’t get the other to embed w/o making the page change; so do it at the end! 

I was going through iTunes, backing up my phone (1) and was looking at my music library to see if there was anything I might want to add to my phone’s library.  I came across a song from a band, now defunct, that my daughters and I have loved for years.  For personal reasons that just don’t really matter, I haven’t listened to it in a while – and had actually forgotten about it.   I pressed play and the words just took me back… but it also got me to thinking about how it’s time for a new towel in my own life, metaphorically speaking.

Sometimes it’s really hard to give up the ghost of something.  What that is will differ from person to person & circumstance; and I know there’s a lot of “old towels” being thrown up in service of finding new ones lately.  For some of us, it’s new people in our lives – relationships ending/changing/starting… Others, new work challenges – blogs, jobs, projects… health, wealth, hobbies… there’s just a lot of change in the air.  In some ways, it’s exciting.  In others, it’s scary.

For me, this “new towel” thing has been in the works for a really long while… months, actually.  I’ve just had a hard time moving on, and figuring out that “me without you” part the song references… well, that’s actually not completely true.  I know exactly who I am now and who I was then… what I don’t know is if I had to go through the experience to get me to where I am now…  which I like.  I really like the things I’ve been able to do lately and the people I’m surrounded by… and I totally get that there’s very little chance I would be who I am today were I still in positions or relationships from my past.

So why is it so hard to completely trade in the old towel for a new one?  Especially when I like the new towel -or the thought of it – anyway??

I think there’s a tiny part of me that’s scared.  Scared that when I completely let go of the old and grab the new that there won’t be any going back.  Logically, I recognize I had no plans on going backwards anyway; it’s not even an option… but emotionally, the security of what I knew, worked hard for, was comfortable with, and love(d)?  There’s the tiniest piece of me that, when I’m honest?  Wanted to see it work out in the end. Which makes sense, I guess… we’re sort of conditioned from childhood to look for the “happily ever after” ending.  And when I looked at it from a brutally honest filter – I just wasn’t ready to admit ‘happily ever after’ wasn’t going to look like what I had thought it would.  That for me, obtaining it – if you even really can – was going to require “redecorating” and some new towels of my own.

Some of that change has already started – a few of you have chatted with me about it, have been helping me figure it out and I’m really grateful to you for it.  Other changes that need to be made/towels to be purchased will become more apparent in the next few weeks-to-months and I think I’m excited about them… cautiously optimistic at the potential, anyway. Does part of me still wish I could have my ‘old towel?’  Yup, without question.   But that’s not the way things have worked out and I’ve accepted that.  So, if I’ve let the old towel go; I guess it’s time to take some risks… and since I know what I want?  I guess it’s time to make some purchases… ’cause like the song says?  I can be anything… and so can you.

Are there new towels you’re looking at (or should be) bringing into your life?

A New Tow

(1) Something I’m determined to do regularly now; so I’m always “Up to Date.”

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