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I'm just a girl in the world.. that kind of likes to write. Mom of 2 teen girls & work as Talent Attraction & Marketing professional. Oh, & I'm addicted to my phone, Social Media, HR/Talent Marketing & Caffeine... you can learn more about me at www.linkedin.com/in/theonecrystal

Blogging & Beyond

So, last night we had a #TChat on Blogging… something I’ve done for years & since one of our team members, Matt Charney, was out sick? I gladly wrote the preview for it. But that being said, my blog is surely far from perfect. I’ve actually made some amateur-hour bloopers lately & so have been doing some thinking about what exactly makes my blog “Blogtastic” for ME – and a couple of changes I need to make.

1) I’m not good at “series” posts. I’m still stuck in the middle of the Unemployment Series – major brain block – so it’s just not there & the Roller Coaster posts I wrote? I didn’t like, so didn’t publish. Should have finished it before I posted the first one… lesson learned. Anyway, I don’t like series posts & probably won’t do many (if any) going forward. I will unseat the block in my brain & finish the Unemployment series up soon, though. Mean it. Really. Promise. 😉

2) I really love the music and taking a more lighthearted tone w/ things we tend to take too seriously. There are enough serious blogs & people… but just because I’m slightly flippant about something here? Doesn’t mean I don’t respect it. #justsayin

3) Per Lesly, I need to work in #jerkface in my blogs more often.

That’s really about it. Other than that, is there anything YOU’D like to see more/less of? If there are no comments, I’ll assume my blog is perfect. 😉

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3 Comments on “Blogging & Beyond”

  1. Blogging Blueprint 10/28/2011 at 1:10 am #

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  2. Lalli 11/09/2011 at 8:14 pm #

    I’d like more #jerkface, more #shoefetish, more #socialmedia tips, and more on talent acquisition, cause you are the master of it!

    • TheOneCrystal 11/09/2011 at 8:18 pm #

      Absolutely adore you, Lalli… thanks! :p

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