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Don’t Stop Believin’ #TNL Chicago

It started out small… just Craig Fisher, a few presenters and a dream…

Okay, so that’s a little corny, but Craig did hold the belief that there was a learning gap in the current Conference Lineup for Social Media in the HR/Recruiting space.  And he was right.  Social Media is rapidly evolving in every space; but since less than a third of companies globally have a policy governing social media for their employees or defined strategy in how it’s used to recruit?  There’s clearly still a lot of ground to cover, learning to do, and discussions to be had.  Enter Talent Net Live ..  Since 2009, #TNL has been hosting live, 1-day conference events aimed at providing training and networking opportunities for HR/Recruiting professionals using Social Media.

Over the last two years, TNL has evolved through grassroots adoption to become the definitive Social Recruiting conference event in the Southwest United States.  And now, with the upcoming Talent Net Live Conference hosted at JSTN Studios in Aurora, IL; #TNL is going National.  It’s shaping up to be a phenomenal learning event; and this is coming from someone who’s definitely worked more than her fair share of the conference circuit!  One of the things that initially drew me to this particular event is the well-rounded learning coverage it provides.  Just a sampling of topics to be covered are :

  • The ‘101 Basics’ of how-to use Social Media to Recruit, in Employee Communications, and to build influence/relationships online
  • Mobile Recruitment & Marketing Techniques
  • Legal Implications & Social Aspects to Consider
  • Building Talent Communities
  • Talent Marketing Techniques
  • Advanced Social Sourcing Techniques
  • Cool Tools & New Technologies in Social Media

A true testament to the ‘networking’ piece of the conference; there are a lot of well-known speakers in the space that Craig has networked with over the years that essentially give us their time in service for best-practice promotion and adoption within our Industry (HR).  As a presenter myself, I’m just a little awed to be speaking alongside such a great group of folks.  It’s also, coincidentally, where I really ‘hit the scene,’ so to speak.  The more intimate setting really allowed me to get to know people I’d formerly just had time/space to say brief “hellos” to.  I didn’t just trade business cards with people – I made real relationships and formed professional friendships there.  With all due respect to the giant conferences in our space (which I also enjoy); this is something that the mega-conferences don’t seem to provide nearly as much opportunity for until you’re fairly well-established.

I’d be remiss should I forget to mention the price value, as well.  The cost to see a lot of these speakers in a larger conference setting is several hundred to over a thousand dollars – just for the admission… let alone the hotel, air, food, etc.  As #TNL is a one-day conference with a tweet-up the night before and immediately after; it’s truly something that’s easy for most professionals or their companies to afford.  The price of admission is less than $110 and even more than that; JSTN has provided a couple of really amazing values for conference attendees:

  1. For all Attendees:   JSTN will be showcasing their unique video capabilities with a LIVE PRODUCTION shoot during the conference.  Take advantage of special pricing offered to attendees who produce videos in conjunction with the event.  Click here to learn more . . .
  2. If You’re a SHRM Member: Convert your static text job posting into dynamic video!  Share your member number and get
    3 Video Job Reports – Script, Production,  Editing
    3 Months Unlimited Hosting  – unlimited use of video & mobilelink, “Apply” call to action with ATS integration, SEO, & metrics
    $2,075!!!   45+% off Retail!  Watch your video produced live on 12/5/11!!
    *Offer valid 11/28-12/15/11 (job descriptions must be submitted by 11/28/11 for live reads 12/5/11.

So, that’s that.. all that’s left to say is that #TNL is having it’s first National Conference in Chicago and you need to be there.  I look forward to seeing you there; until then?  Don’t Stop Believin’…

#TNL goes on and on and on and on!  Get Your #TNL Conference Ticket Here 

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4 Comments on “Don’t Stop Believin’ #TNL Chicago”

  1. Margo Rose 11/22/2011 at 12:06 pm #

    You are awesome, sorry I’m going to have to miss it.

  2. Joshivity 12/11/2011 at 8:28 am #

    Thanks a heap for this post, glad to see there are still some excellent writers around the web!


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