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“Hashing Out the Hashtag, II:” Communities

The Hashtag as the Community Calling Card for Organizations & Events – con’t from “Twitter 101:  Hashing Out the Hashtag
Say what?  It’s a calling card?? What does that mean??   Remember earlier when we went over how tweets can be organized by organization, group, event, or company?  Well, over time, as multiple users tweet using that hashtag & then look up the “tweet stream;” a community is formed.  Several of these orgs/groups/companies will even organize & advertise predetermined times for Tweeters to get together, virtually, to discuss common subject(s) of interest.  These are referred to as “Twitter Chats” and as you may imagine, it’s extremely effective at creating real relationships… through the Hashtagged Community?  Twitter has found another way to level the relationship playing field by removing the disadvantage of scattered geography.   For Marketers (whether product or people), this is brilliant. 🙂
We’ll talk further next week on the basics of creating a Twitter community; but before you create one?  You should join some and see how their Communities function/their personalities, etc.  Monkey see, Monkey do and all?? Maybe?? 🙂  Bad joke.  At any rate, my personal favorite hashtagged Communities on Twitter:
  • #TNL – TalentNetLive – The ORIGINAL hashtag & twitter chat for  Social HR & Recruiting –  As part of the #TNL Crew & Co-Host of the weekly Twitter Radio Chat w/ Craig FisherMarianthe Verver, & Matt Charney.  We’re powered by MonsterThinking w/ our Preview Posts & Focus Radio w/ Caty Kobe provides the audio platform w/ Twitter integration for our chats.

You can join in our tweet stream 24/7 for fun random conversation, great info articles/content & of course, there’s our weekly chats.  Our next chat is 12/21 at 7 – 8pm CST | 5 -6pm PST and we’re talking about the burst of popularity in HRTechnology & the HRMarketplace:  We see it sizzle; but why’s it so hot???

  • #TChat – Many on twitter know me as the Social Community Maven for TalentCulture‘s Twitter stream, #TChat.  While I am still currently a member of their blogging community; I’ve since “passed the #Social #Community torch” as I made the move over to #TNL to the beyond fabulous @SocialMediaSean & @MarenHogan (both of whom I adore beyond words!) who join co-founders @MeghanMBiro & @KevinWGrossman in running a weekly chat discussing various topics that make up “The World of Work.”   Their chats are Wednesdays 6-7pm CST on Twitter & they use the Focus radio platform once or twice a month, as well!
  • #DTHR – @DriveThruHR is the #1 HR Radio show on the internet – and they do daily “bite-sized” internet radio discussions w/ practicing HR professionals discussing 1 subject w/ a moving target:  “What keeps [their guest of the day] up at night?”  in a 30-minute conversation.  I.LOVE.This.Show!!!  You can join Hosts @BryanWempen & @WilliamTincup every day… by the way,  I recently filled in as a guest-host (1st time, was fun!) for Bryan Wempen w/ Tincup & guest Elizabeth Lalli-Reese & I”ll be joining them as a guest on 12/19/2011!
  • #USGuys – While there is much debate on who “USGuys” actually are (answer here); I hang-out with these fine folk on Twitter because I think they’re smart, fun & enjoy the banter.  Not everything in life has to have a business purpose or a chat – though, certainly I learn a lot from them, too!
  • #PRPBC & #PRSCamp – What drew me into Twitter beyond “work.”  These are the hashtags associated with one of my favorite Twitter Tweeps – @LuckyPenny  – of People Report Black Book Intelligence & their two annual conferences held in Dallas, Tx:  #PRPBC (held in the fall) & #PRSCamp (held in June each year – BIG FUN!).   I also learned of #TR30Days (a Personal Revolution hashtag created by  Amanda Hite, aka @SexyThinker, of @TalentRevolution) – and it’s my personal belief everyone should check that out.
  • #HRevolution – Big Time #HR & #Talent Thought Leadership.  LOVE the tweets I read from there – no chat that I’m aware of, anyway!.  This hashtag was borne from their associated live events; put on by @TrishMcFarlane, @BenEubanks, @SteveBoese, and @CrystalPeterson.   Trish told us last night at #HRHappyHour that there’s BIG news coming up in January 2012 about their event… so keep an eye out! 😉 Speaking of…
  • #HRHappyHour – This is not only a “Fun” chat channel & twitter stream for a lot of the #HR industry leaders – but @SteveBoese hosts the “HR Happy Hour” Thursdays at 8pm EST… TOTALLY worth joining in on the fun (and semi-controlled chaos!).  Check it out.
  • For job seekers?  I recommend you plug into 2 communities to start:  #HFChat & Jessica Miller-Merrell‘s #JobHuntChat.  Both have weekly chats IFriday morning & Monday night, respectively) that are aimed for the job seeker but have #HR and #Recruiting professionals present to offer advice & chime in to help, as well.  LOVE THAT!  I’m guest-hosting #HFChat the first week of March 2012 & try to make #JobHuntChat on Monday nights a couple of times a month.  Great communities!

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