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Gone Green in Your #Talent Attraction Efforts?

TheLadders Shares Why You Should…


Earth Day is just around the corner, which means I’m spending some time thinking about how important “Going Green” really is for the talent we’re tasked with attracting to our respective organization and client companies.  Evidently? I’m not alone.  TheLadders released the results of a study today that shows why “Going Green Means Go For Attracting Top Talent.”  While I knew it was a topic of interest for some candidate groups; I was slightly surprised to learn that 72% of candidates said that, given the opportunity, they’d choose to work for a “green organization” (or one closer to it) than one that is not.

‘Going Green’ in our talent attraction efforts isn’t really a new thing; some of my personal favorite brands & companies like Nike, Starbucks, Google, Honda, Goldman Sachs, Pangea Organics, and GE have been doing it for years.  Four to five years ago, green held an active place in the recruitment spotlight; but the limelight seems to have dimmed over the last few years.  Maybe that’s because there’s been other places the money in the budget has needed to go; or perhaps it’s hard for employers to know where to start?

While specific incentives vary by location; for employers choosing to ‘go green,’ there’s plenty of green incentives for both the organization and their employees in return such as tax incentives and grants.  If satisfying candidate desires wasn’t reason enough to start; this certainly could add additional ‘incentive’ to look into it.


For employers who might want to start; going green doesn’t have to be done in one large push.  Here’s some ideas for showing your internal talent you’re serious about being eco-conscious that you can use in your external talent attraction campaigns, as well:

  1. Form a “Green Team” of employees that are tasked with finding out what measures your current workforce finds important.  This gets your employees involved & avoids the potential of your company investing in things that didn’t matter much to your employees to begin with.
  2. Negotiate discounts with such services as zip-car, community carpooling organizations, and mass transit options for your Company’s employees.  This is an easy benefit that often doesn’t cost the company much, if anything; you negotiate off the potential volume of users by your company.
  3. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle:  Reminding employees to reduce their energy consumption by flipping off lights, computers, and other electronics.  Look at reusing binders from past projects instead of relegating them to a forgotten ‘used’ supply room & consider adding a recycling program if you haven’t already done so.

Check out the full press release & fun infographic from TheLadders below; perhaps this Earth Day is the perfect day to kick off awareness with the talent you attract on the green initiatives your company is/will be participating in!


– TheLadders Earth Day Survey Shows Eco-Conscious Companies Are Growing on Job Seekers –

 NEW YORK – April 16, 2012 – In celebration of Earth Day on April 22nd, , TheLadders released a new survey today revealing that job seekers go for the green when making a decision about their future employer. In fact, when offered two equal job opportunities, 72% of candidates would choose the more eco-conscious company versus 10% who said that they would not. Less than a fifth (18%) said it would not influence their decision. TheLadders, the most comprehensive job-matching service for career-driven professionals, surveyed more than 100 professionals in the following industries: construction, education, engineering, finance, human resources, law, marketing, medical/science, operations, real estate, sales and technology.

“Since launching almost a decade ago, we have seen a growing desire for job seekers to work in an environment that reflects their personal values,” said Alex Douzet, Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder of TheLadders. “It is clear from our survey that professionals are attracted to employers who share their priorities, enabling us to offer this exclusive data to our almost 20,000 recruiters nationwide. Our research provides a critical wake-up call to employers who do not consider eco-conscious efforts to be best practice.”

TheLadders Earth Day survey also revealed other key learnings:

  • It’s not easy being green for employers. Less than half (48%) of the respondents consider their most recent company to be green, 35% said they work for a company that is not green, and 17% are not sure.
  • Employees give green workplaces the green light. Working for a green company is important to 87% of respondents in varying degrees—extremely important (28%), very important (30%), moderately important (22%) and slightly important (7%)—whereas only 13% find it not important.
  • Workers are willing to go green for a change. Most employees (75%) are willing to change their daily routine if their recent company provided them with small incentives to be green. Only a quarter (25%) was resistant.

On an ongoing basis, TheLadders conducts primary user-experience research and analyzes quantitative data provided by its more than five million members to gauge current behavioral trends in the job-search process. TheLadders uses this research to gain valuable insights, which it uses to improve the customer experience and provide expert advice to the marketplace. An infographic illustrating TheLadders Earth Day survey can be downloaded at TheLadders Blog.


About TheLadders

With more than 5 million members, TheLadders has been committed to finding the right person for the right job since 2003. With a unique suite of personalized products and resume services, this career-focused online service helps job seekers connect with employers and recruiters more effectively and efficiently. Given its heritage as the leader in the $100K+ job search, TheLadders is dedicated to the science behind the job search and optimally positioned to help all career-driven professionals in finding the right jobs. Expanding services to include sub-$100K+ positions allows recruiters and employers more options when looking to hire professionals at other stages of their careers. TheLadders is headquartered in New York with offices in London. For more information, visit TheLadders Blog and theladders.com. Your career is our job.™

*Credits: Press Release & Infographic provided by TheLadders; 
"Going Green" Featured Image from memphiscitywatch.blogspot.com

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