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#Movember November…

For the second year running now, I have friends that are actively participating in “Movember,” which last year I was pretty sure was also known as “the Male excuse to not shave for a month.” Well, it is but since it’s for charity I guess that works.  But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have the teensiest twinge of jealousy because seriously? Women NEVER get a break from shaving – of course, that’d be kinda scruffy in a bad way if we did.

So.. Movember, here’s the premise:  Guys, you register TODAY with a clean-shaven face. Then, you can chart your progress throughout the month in growing a moustache in November, while raising awareness and money to support men’s health, specifically prostate cancer research.  Think of Movember as a fundraising marathon, except instead of lots of sweat, training and electrolyte-guzzling, participants end up with a a manly ‘stache.  Funds raised during Movember support super-worthy causes like the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

This, to me, is cool as long as we’re talking about the WHY behind this.  A major gripe I have with Breast Cancer awareness is that we don’t do enough about really driving women to get mammograms.  We just buy a bunch of pink stuff and share cool memes that remind us not to let cancer ‘steal second base.’  🙂 When it comes to Men’s health and prostate cancer, the stats really are astonishing: 1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime.  More than that, HALF of all men will be diagnosed with some kind of cancer and, on average, men have five years fewer years to live than women do.

But despite these stats? Men’s health tends to be a topic of second-class citizenship in the media. That’s where Movember came in.  It’s a great way to raise money, raise awareness and have a little fun while doing it.  So check it out:  I’m on the “Big Kahunas Ascot Society” team.  Growing up, my Dad had a pretty serious mustache; in fact, a lot of my friends likened it to Tom Selleck’s, much to my mortification at the time.  Still, it was pretty cool and when I thought of Movember, I thought of Dad’s mustache.  I’m throwing in my lot with this charity movement because I think it’s a really great thing to do … and I’d like to make sure the guys that have meaning in my life.. my Dad, my Brother, my friends, coworkers, and such?  Are able to grow their stylin’ ‘staches for years to come.


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