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My blog has moved…

I logged in today after what seems like has been agesand saw I have 66 new followers – cool! Unfortunately, I don’t post on a wordpress-hosted site anymore, so I don’t think any of my blog followers are seeing my content. If you’d like to read more about HR, Social Media, Talent Attraction & life […]

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Part 5: “I Will Fall” – Doubt and Rejection

Just Joining in?  Check out:  Part 1   Part 2  Part 3 & Part 4 for the whole series This month, I got dumped.  Confession?  I’m not good at it. I know, some of you are reading that thinking, “Who is?”  Fair, but I have enough self-awareness to know I have rejection issues – which is also […]

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#INFOGRAPHIC The “Relationship Rest Test”

Some people count sheep when they are tired and can’t sleep.  I?  Made an infographic about relationships and sleep.  Makes sense, right??  Anyway, interesting stats… check it out.

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“If I Didn’t Know Better” Temptation And Violence: A “Being Crystal” Post

I just finished writing a post to this song – well, sort of this song.  A remake of it from the TV show “Nashville.”  I wrote about work and careers… you know, the norm.  But given the vast amount of ground I had to cover from a subject-matter perspective, it didn’t seem appropriate to weave […]

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#Movember November…

For the second year running now, I have friends that are actively participating in “Movember,” which last year I was pretty sure was also known as “the Male excuse to not shave for a month.” Well, it is but since it’s for charity I guess that works.  But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have […]

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