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#Movember November…

For the second year running now, I have friends that are actively participating in “Movember,” which last year I was pretty sure was also known as “the Male excuse to not shave for a month.” Well, it is but since it’s for charity I guess that works.  But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have […]

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The Swing of Things…

Some of you may have noticed that it’s been really quiet on the blogging front – at least on my own blog for a while now.  Well, that’s because change has been afoot and I’ve been working through getting in the swing of things.  To some extent, those changes tapped my creativity  and there just wasn’t enough […]

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Attraction at Work: The Personal

Recently, I made the decision that I should probably start working dating back into my social calendar.    Like any busy, single career-gal past her ‘bar scene days,’  I turned to online dating sites to provide an efficient way of providing options for people to go out with.  eHarmony seemed a little too intense for me; […]

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State of Mind

I’ve been on a bit of a writing holiday.  Well, the term ‘holiday’ implies that it was planned when the truth is that it was not.  The proper thing to say is that I’ve been buried in work – which is true, but that’s not a first & I’ve still managed to write.  The truth […]

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I had a dream…

No, I’m not channeling Martin Luther King.  Not really.  I’m thinking of a different set of dreams; not the ones that we have to change the world… but the ones we had to make the world.. our little world.  The one where we could do anything, be anything; before things like obligation, expectations, and fear […]

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