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The Sound of Silence

  Silence is a very funny thing.  There’s a proverb that teaches silence is also a speech… and I agree with that.  What that speech communicates depends on the context of the situation, of course.  One of my favorite words of wisdom by Emerson is actually on the subject of silence, “Let us be silent, […]

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“If I Didn’t Know Better” Temptation And Violence: A “Being Crystal” Post

I just finished writing a post to this song – well, sort of this song.  A remake of it from the TV show “Nashville.”  I wrote about work and careers… you know, the norm.  But given the vast amount of ground I had to cover from a subject-matter perspective, it didn’t seem appropriate to weave […]

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#TruLondon 6: Connecting the Dots With #Social Marketing & Your #Recruitment Strategy

 Did you ever play the “connect the dots” game as a kid? Personally, I loved it – you had this numbered jumble of dots on a page that, as you connect them, reveals a picture or object.  You literally got a “big picture moment.”   Maybe this makes me a nerd… but I always found that order out […]

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Live from #London: Plays, Messaging, & Shakespeare

I arrived yesterday morning in London where I have a whirlwind of work, conferences, and fun ahead of me over the next 9 days.  As such, I’d expected tonight to be my only bit of “free time” until after HR Technology Europe ends on Friday & decided to spend that time in Leicester Square.  Having […]

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Newsflash: Pro-Bono Doesn’t Mean “FREE”

I’d like to submit there’s a serious misconception or two surrounding the phrase “pro-bono.”  I blame this, largely, on Webster/the Dictionary for making “free” the secondary definition.  While it’s generally accepted that ‘pro-bono’ means that something will be done ‘gratis’ (1), that doesn’t make it “free.”  What ‘pro-bono’ actually means is “for the public good.” […]

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