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Week 2 is Through.. #TR30Days Update

And really?? This one went better.  Now, I worked some CRAZY hours last week; but, that’s okay… just can’t do it EVERY week.  Balance.  Life is all about the balance.  I had a pretty busy weekend, too; but got to see Amanda & Jasmin… so the little mini-PRSCamp reunion was fun. Anyway, running late so […]

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Breathing through my New..ish "Now Normal" #TR30Days

“Blog Excerpt:  New Normal I showered with my eyes closed today. It required a bit of discipline, but I was able to maneuver myself through my 15 minute suds fest without peeking once. As I clumsily felt around for my Victoria’s Secret body wash, feeling like an idiot, I realized that it really wasn’t that […]

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Week One Report: My List .. Would a Mulligan be Cheating?? #TR30Days

Below you’ll see a LOVELY list.  Truly, I’m pretty happy with the stuff I want to focus on during this 30-day challenge.  But boy, I don’t feel like I made much progress AT ALL this past week.  Work was just insanely busy; and I got to meet my half-sister when she came in town this […]

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Happy Birthday to Me; I’m Now 33… #TR30Days

Well, I did it:  I made it to my 33rd birthday.  Over the last week or so, I looked back at each of the blogs I have done over the last few years around my birthday just to see where I was then vs where I am now.  You’d hope there’d be progress, positive change […]

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What Am I to You? Part 1: Asking the Question

http://c.brightcove.com/services/viewer/federated_f9?isVid=1 Love this song. (1)  Norah’s stuff is on my regular rotation of songs to sing to – they’re sultry, earthy, and just plain fun!  So, this afternoon I was listening to this as I was trying to do Yoga (2) and musing over some of the things we talked about at #TNL:  relational networks, […]

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