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Bye Bye Love…

So a lot of times when I’m blogging, I’ll try to find a way to tie dating & relationships with our ‘working lives’/the workplace.. because, there really are a lot of similarities, when you think about it.  And I’m sure if I sat here and thought long enough, hard enough… I’d probably find a way […]

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Myspace Migration: Back Off, He’s Mine! Positive Emotional Memory Post Break-up

Have you ever noticed that you like him so much more when there’s someone else who likes him, too? Or, you never really noticed how desireable she is until there’s that guy in the bar who can’t take his eyes off her… Why is that? What is with our emotional memory that “The Good Times” […]

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Myspace Migration: Mr Wrong

Let’s start with, I have identified my next “Mr. Wrong.” I’m sure he’s a lovely guy, but this weekend’s exchange just left me feeling like he was a little bit, well… crazy. But, oh my goodness, our email exchange was funny – so much so, I thought I’d post it – maybe I can even […]

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