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The Sound of Silence

  Silence is a very funny thing.  There’s a proverb that teaches silence is also a speech… and I agree with that.  What that speech communicates depends on the context of the situation, of course.  One of my favorite words of wisdom by Emerson is actually on the subject of silence, “Let us be silent, […]

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If I Didn’t Know Better… Confidence, Doubt, & Temptation

(1) I enjoy watching television with my daughters.  Correction:  I enjoy spending time with my daughters and use the TV as a tool to talk about the world around them.  They happen to like Hayden Panettiere – she was “the bomb” to them when she was on Heroes.  So, when I heard she was going […]

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My Message to Group Text Messages: Can I Get an Opt-Out for That?!

To be fair, I’m not big on text messages at all… at least, not in the way they’ve been used in the last couple of years:  a method of conversation.  I’ve always seen text messages as a means to an end, a way to deliver time-sensitive info:  “I’m on my way,” “There’s traffic on McAdams,” […]

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Rant On: It IS Personal!

So, I’ll concede that sometimes the things I find inane or annoying really aren’t that big of a deal to anyone other than me… but, I have a serious bone to pick.  With a phrase that when used, a) often makes the person saying it a liar because it’s largely inaccurate; and b) and is […]

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Myspace Migration: EX-Communicated

Ok, so they’re your “Ex-” for a reason. Clearly, there are issues. For many ex-couples, one of them is communication. And I? Am not excluded from that group. My ex-husband and I have such a hard time communicating! Of course, it would be easy for me to say that a large part of it is […]

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