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#Movember November…

For the second year running now, I have friends that are actively participating in “Movember,” which last year I was pretty sure was also known as “the Male excuse to not shave for a month.” Well, it is but since it’s for charity I guess that works.  But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have […]

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This One Time, at Brand Camp… #PRSCamp


I am so excited.  In June, I get the honor to attend my third Summer Brand Camp; affectionately known as #PRSCamp on the Twitters.  There’s a lot of reasons that People Report’s “Summer Camp” holds a special place in my conference calendar:  there’s a buzz of creativity, I like seeing HR/Operations/Marketing working together towards a common goal of excellence, and the networking is outstanding.  It is, compared to many conferences, a more ‘intimate’ affair – so you don’t just get to say “Hi” to someone for five minutes and move on.. you get to know the other “campers” and make real friendships. 

The first year I was there, I was worried I’d be out of place. But William Tincup had recommended the conference over a status update about Diet Lemonade.  He’s a pretty smart cat & so if he thought it was a good event to be at? Then I’d make the investment.  I worried, but I went.  Turns out there was no need to; I met Craig Fisher, Jasmine Brand, Amanda Taylor from Raising Canes, Brianna Foulds, and a few others.  Easy conversation, learned a few things, and felt like I was part of the conference (instead of just AT it).  And I guess, if you’re able to find the youtube video of me singing “Sweet Home Alabama” (off-key) with the Raising Cane’s band?  There’s even proof that I was. 🙂

I learned a thing or two about influence.  Actually, a learned a thing or two about several topics; but last year at Brand Camp was the year when I decided to move from more ‘tactical’ to ‘strategic’ with my presence & personal branding.  I created a road map for myself coming out of that conference; but I didn’t do it alone.  Those campers I mentioned earlier, along with Jessica Miller-Merrell, Jim Durbin, Jason Seiden, Amanda Hite, Ty Sullivan, Bill Campion, Joni Doolin, Melissa Papaleo, Jonathan Brewer.. and literally a dozen other people… they all helped me.  Without them, where I am today would have been different; of that, I’m 100% sure.

Here’s the secret to conferences, folks:  you don’t go to make business deals, you don’t even necessarily go to learn the newest innovations, or ‘how everyone else does it.’  All of those things happen, of course; but you get the most out of them when you maintain a focus on getting to know people there.  Not just trade business cards; but get to know them – what their story is, where it’s taking them, who they are.  They’ll take the time to get to know you, too.  The really cool thing with PRSCamp is that everyone can do that… with everyone… including the conference speakers.  

Which is what I did last year.  Not only did I get to know several people that I’m now proud to call friends; but we were all interested in each others’ successes.  We’ve helped each other along the way; and they helped me with understanding real influence:  defined as the capacity to be a compelling force or produce effects on the actions,behavior, opinions, etc., of others.  It’s not speaking at conferences, or closing quarter million dollar business deals; though both are fun.  It’s creating relationships and building credibility that becomes trust that reaches a point of ‘advisor.’  Sometimes, that’s through seeking advice out directly; but more often than not, it’s through watching the actions of others to learn & guide your own.  

It would not be the tiniest overstatement to say that the people I met a PRSCamp have, over the last three years, served as influencers for me – their actions, my knowing them – it affected how I conducted my life. And I’m the better for it.   

When it comes to Summer Brand Camp, my story is not that unique.  Everyone there is personable, sharp, and genuine.  There are business deals made, there are new things learned, you do get to talk strategy & tactics; but you also get the chance to make amazing relationships & have a story about how this one time, at Brand Camp, you had an aha moment, too…

And when you do, I hope you’ll share it with me.  See ya soon, Campers.  

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There’s No Place Like Home – #Dallas Medical City

As a Parent, I can say with all authority that there’s never a good time for your child to be hospitalized.  It’s one of those experiences we hope & pray we will just never have to deal with.  Not for us, of course; but for our children.  It’s just part of the gig. However, if you have […]

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Tornado Troubles & ‘Fixing’ #Dallas

 Yesterday, good ole’ Mother Nature decided to throw a weather tantrum in North Texas.   It’s evidently world-wide news, as evidenced by my Facebook wall where I was messaged & tagged by friends checking in, from Canada, Europe & South Africa saying they’d seen reports of the tornadoes on the news. There was a lot of damage. […]

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Myspace Migration: Entering the Twilight Zone

Maybe it’s because I was pent up this weekend. Maybe I have spring fever. Maybe I just have a screw loose… but, oh my I have a mischevous streak going here, I think.On my express road to the dark side, I’ll start with my turning in the jerk that INSISTS on driving the wrong way […]

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