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Part 5: “I Will Fall” – Doubt and Rejection

Just Joining in?  Check out:  Part 1   Part 2  Part 3 & Part 4 for the whole series This month, I got dumped.  Confession?  I’m not good at it. I know, some of you are reading that thinking, “Who is?”  Fair, but I have enough self-awareness to know I have rejection issues – which is also […]

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Not the ‘Marrying Kind of Girl’

Lately it seems all I’ve done is work… and care for my girls, of course.  But outside of that, I’ve not had time to do much of anything:  gym, tanning, friends, even dating has been put on the back-burner.  Of course, to those that know me well?  That last category comes as no surprise.  I’ve […]

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Let’s Meet… Or Not: A “Being Crystal” Post

For the last I don’t even know how long, I’ve been trying to find time to meet this guy I connected with online.  True to form for me; we’d make plans and then I’d have to break them for one reason or another.  I don’t remember them all now; but I’m pretty sure they were all legit […]

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Professional Booty Call

Got your attention, didn’t it?? Before you hyperventilate, no, I’m not talking about prostitution. At least, not the “Pretty Woman” kind. The argument can be made that we all pimp ourselves out – to degrees – for a paycheck; but that’s not really the point of this particular blog post. What the heck is a […]

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Criteria Crisis – A “Being Crystal” Dating Post

I have a problem.  Actually, were it a more serious subject, I’d actually classify it as a ‘crisis.’  My criteria (for dating) is not being followed… and it’s SUCKING UP MY TIME. Since I don’t have a ton of it; I see this as a big problem.  I used to feel really guilty for having […]

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