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“If I Didn’t Know Better” Temptation And Violence: A “Being Crystal” Post

I just finished writing a post to this song – well, sort of this song.  A remake of it from the TV show “Nashville.”  I wrote about work and careers… you know, the norm.  But given the vast amount of ground I had to cover from a subject-matter perspective, it didn’t seem appropriate to weave […]

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Balance & the Bird… Big Bird, that is

Every morning I wake up at somewhere between 3:30 and 4am.  The very first thing I do is roll over and check my email on the iPhone.  If there’s an issue -and there often is- that needs attention, then I fire up the laptop & shoot off replies.  But my favorite hour of the day? […]

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There’s No Place Like Home – #Dallas Medical City

As a Parent, I can say with all authority that there’s never a good time for your child to be hospitalized.  It’s one of those experiences we hope & pray we will just never have to deal with.  Not for us, of course; but for our children.  It’s just part of the gig. However, if you have […]

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State of Mind

I’ve been on a bit of a writing holiday.  Well, the term ‘holiday’ implies that it was planned when the truth is that it was not.  The proper thing to say is that I’ve been buried in work – which is true, but that’s not a first & I’ve still managed to write.  The truth […]

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A Letter to My Natalie on Her 13th Birthday

Happy Birthday Nati-Patty… 13 Years ago (nearly, it’s not quite 11:59am yet) you were born.  8 pounds, 1 ounce, and just shy of 21 inches.  You were perfectly adorable; and looked like a little alien with your big head and long limbs… 😉  From the word “Go,” you and I were fast friends… largely because […]

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