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#TR30Days – Social Responsibility for 2012 & M3 Talent Consulting

{EAV:32f245ff3d66ccc4} At the end of 2011, I found out that LoveDrop program wasn’t going to be continuing in 2012.  Which meant that I not only needed to update the social responsibility page of my company website; but that I had an opening in my charitable giving portfolio that needed to be filled.  Around the same […]

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Breathing through my New..ish "Now Normal" #TR30Days

“Blog Excerpt:  New Normal I showered with my eyes closed today. It required a bit of discipline, but I was able to maneuver myself through my 15 minute suds fest without peeking once. As I clumsily felt around for my Victoria’s Secret body wash, feeling like an idiot, I realized that it really wasn’t that […]

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A little bit of gratitude #TR30Days

Wrote this out last night but was just worn out so went to sleep before posting… So, the topic I chose from the Encyclopedia of Gratitude today is “My Mother.” And I really am grateful to have such a great Mom – she’s watching my kiddos this week while I’m traveling & they’re having a […]

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Myspace Migration: Random Thoughts From Me

I have the kids for extra time this weekend (yay!). It IS a good thing and I’m very excited to have just been able to spend a weekend with them without work or other interruptions. Lindsey learns how to shave her legs today (hahaha – she’s all geeked up about it now, but give her […]

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