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#TR30Days – Social Responsibility for 2012 & M3 Talent Consulting

{EAV:32f245ff3d66ccc4} At the end of 2011, I found out that LoveDrop program wasn’t going to be continuing in 2012.  Which meant that I not only needed to update the social responsibility page of my company website; but that I had an opening in my charitable giving portfolio that needed to be filled.  Around the same […]

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#TR30Days The Rhythm of Happiness

Last night, I received a phone call from a rather distraught friend. Despite the fact that it was after midnight and I was asleep; of course I took it. (1)  She went on to explain that despite trying her hardest, following all “the rules,” and working non-stop?? She couldn’t reach her destination: happiness. Despite all […]

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Won’t You Be My Neighbor….

“Won’t you be, oh won’t you be, oh won’t you be my neighbor??” Do you remember that song from Mr. Rodgers?  As a kid, we used to make fun of that song – what’s the big deal with neighbors, anyway??  We didn’t get it. Honestly? I still often forget how deep the value of great […]

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Scary Movies & Uncomfortable Moments

As a general rule, I don’t watch scary movies.  They make me uncomfortable, my heart beats faster than when I’ve had 5 cups of coffee, and since I’m the girl who dwells on everything??  Once I’m spooked, I’m generally spooked for HOURS.  Beyond that?  I like to laugh and I think that if you’re going […]

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“Whip It” & You Tube

I can absolutely ‘whip; my gratitude moment for the day early today. 🙂  This morning, I overslept – probably because I couldn’t fall asleep until nearly 2:30am – but my internet went down for upgrades well before that.  So, I open my eyes and it’s nearly 6 – whoops!  Natalie fell asleep again after I […]

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