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The Sound of Silence

  Silence is a very funny thing.  There’s a proverb that teaches silence is also a speech… and I agree with that.  What that speech communicates depends on the context of the situation, of course.  One of my favorite words of wisdom by Emerson is actually on the subject of silence, “Let us be silent, […]

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Part 3: Undermined by Strategy and the Tactical

Check out:  Part 1 &  Part 2 There are a lot of things that can undermine our professional success, if we let it.  You can get off on the wrong foot with rocky on-boarding, you may have to deal with questionable behavior by team members, market changes & business fluctuations, the list goes on and on.  However, […]

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Undermine: The Start of the Sabotage of “Shine”

As circumstance would have it, a good deal of my friends/professional connections have made career moves & changes over the last year… including myself.  It’s been interesting to see how we all individually have handled what is a largely similar walk from a macro level:  while we all had various different circumstances that precipitated the […]

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Newsflash: I’m Not Over You…

When we enter into a relationship; we rarely think about its end.  The type of relationship is really irrelevant as this is something of a universal truth; extending across work,  home, love, and various forms of friendship.  We’re blinded a bit by the hope that comes with something new… it’s a heady feeling and when […]

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David, Goliath, & Industry Disruption w/ SmartRecruiters

By now, many have heard SmartRecruiters’ huge announcement that they’ve secured $5M in Series A funding from top-tier VC firm Mayfield Funding to aid in their crusade to disrupt the Recruiting Industry’s job technology as we now know it.   From being likened to the iTunes of the Recruiting Industry to ‘David’ in a David […]

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