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If I Didn’t Know Better… Confidence, Doubt, & Temptation

(1) I enjoy watching television with my daughters.  Correction:  I enjoy spending time with my daughters and use the TV as a tool to talk about the world around them.  They happen to like Hayden Panettiere – she was “the bomb” to them when she was on Heroes.  So, when I heard she was going […]

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#TR30Days – Social Responsibility for 2012 & M3 Talent Consulting

{EAV:32f245ff3d66ccc4} At the end of 2011, I found out that LoveDrop program wasn’t going to be continuing in 2012.  Which meant that I not only needed to update the social responsibility page of my company website; but that I had an opening in my charitable giving portfolio that needed to be filled.  Around the same […]

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This is How You Remind Me

In the last few months, I’ve been a little blown away at the shift from ‘follower’ to ‘leader(ish).’  I giggle when I show up on any list because there’s a total cool factor to it; (1) and I still do a little bit of a double-take when mentioned by my peers.  It’s not that I […]

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Week One Done of Tres #TR30Days

To See the Whole Thought Proccess & All My Inspiration Points for Tres #TR30Days click here If we all did the things we are capable of doing we’d literally astound ourselves. ~Thomas Edison And for my other piece of inspiration for this #TR30Days Challenge? I offer you .. er, me/us .. “Moves Like Jagger” This […]

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Week 2 is Through.. #TR30Days Update

And really?? This one went better.  Now, I worked some CRAZY hours last week; but, that’s okay… just can’t do it EVERY week.  Balance.  Life is all about the balance.  I had a pretty busy weekend, too; but got to see Amanda & Jasmin… so the little mini-PRSCamp reunion was fun. Anyway, running late so […]

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