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Be Your Own Recruiter pt 2: Creating Your Personal Value Proposition

Part 2 of 8 in the “Unemployed? Be Your Own Recruiter” Series – Let’s start with a quick, one sentence recap from the last article in the series: “If you’re unemployed; it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to take the lead & market (aka: sell) yourself.” That’s the recap… now that we’re caught up, let me say that you don’t have […]

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#TChat Recap Zero Unemployment: It’s On Us

Originally Posted at:  TalentCulture.Com  by Kevin W. Grossman Maybe we would be better off putting economists and seasoned (small) business leaders in office. Because maybe then we’d create a better private sector environment that brings back a job growth heartbeat. [clear — ZAP!] I didn’t want to make this week’s recap political, but that’s difficult […]

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