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Part 3: Undermined by Strategy and the Tactical

Check out:  Part 1 &  Part 2 There are a lot of things that can undermine our professional success, if we let it.  You can get off on the wrong foot with rocky on-boarding, you may have to deal with questionable behavior by team members, market changes & business fluctuations, the list goes on and on.  However, […]

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Rewinding #mRec, Part 2: My “Top 10 mRec Insights”

And Now? It’s Time for My “Top 10 mRec Insights” Letterman-style: 10.  While it was indeed worth the wait; I’m slightly cheesed at myself that it took me so long to meet @ewmonster -and @watsonlg… aka Eric Winegardner and Lisa Watson.  They are bad-to-the-bone awesome! (1) 9.  Two Words:  QR Codes – While the readers […]

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Be Your Own Recruiter pt 2: Creating Your Personal Value Proposition

Part 2 of 8 in the “Unemployed? Be Your Own Recruiter” Series – Let’s start with a quick, one sentence recap from the last article in the series: “If you’re unemployed; it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to take the lead & market (aka: sell) yourself.” That’s the recap… now that we’re caught up, let me say that you don’t have […]

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