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From The (Working) Mommy Diaries

If someone had told me at 18 that I’d have two teenage daughters when I nearly doubled my age and hit 34?  I’d never have believed them.  I wanted to be a “Career Girl” – no way would I want to “give up” a shot at being an executive to be ‘Mom;’ which I figured […]

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There’s No Place Like Home – #Dallas Medical City

As a Parent, I can say with all authority that there’s never a good time for your child to be hospitalized.  It’s one of those experiences we hope & pray we will just never have to deal with.  Not for us, of course; but for our children.  It’s just part of the gig. However, if you have […]

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State of Mind

I’ve been on a bit of a writing holiday.  Well, the term ‘holiday’ implies that it was planned when the truth is that it was not.  The proper thing to say is that I’ve been buried in work – which is true, but that’s not a first & I’ve still managed to write.  The truth […]

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Purpose & Personal Ramblings

WARNING:  THIS IS RAMBLERRIFIC. Oh my, it’s been a booger of a week.  The details aren’t germane to get the gist of the story; but the top-notes are that nearly a month’s worth of bullying (and that’s being kind about it) came to a head at the beginning of the week and I finally put […]

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Why I Am Not a Therapist, Reason #617

On a fairly regular basis, I’m reminding the girls how important it is for them to be kind to each other… cultivate a friendship.  Because after all, one day their Dad & I will die and they’ll be all they’ve got.  I know, morbid – whatever, it’s true. Besides, when they were little they were […]

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