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If I Didn’t Know Better… Confidence, Doubt, & Temptation

(1) I enjoy watching television with my daughters.  Correction:  I enjoy spending time with my daughters and use the TV as a tool to talk about the world around them.  They happen to like Hayden Panettiere – she was “the bomb” to them when she was on Heroes.  So, when I heard she was going […]

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I had a dream…

No, I’m not channeling Martin Luther King.  Not really.  I’m thinking of a different set of dreams; not the ones that we have to change the world… but the ones we had to make the world.. our little world.  The one where we could do anything, be anything; before things like obligation, expectations, and fear […]

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#TR30Days – Social Responsibility for 2012 & M3 Talent Consulting

{EAV:32f245ff3d66ccc4} At the end of 2011, I found out that LoveDrop program wasn’t going to be continuing in 2012.  Which meant that I not only needed to update the social responsibility page of my company website; but that I had an opening in my charitable giving portfolio that needed to be filled.  Around the same […]

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This is How You Remind Me

In the last few months, I’ve been a little blown away at the shift from ‘follower’ to ‘leader(ish).’  I giggle when I show up on any list because there’s a total cool factor to it; (1) and I still do a little bit of a double-take when mentioned by my peers.  It’s not that I […]

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Week 2 is Through.. #TR30Days Update

And really?? This one went better.  Now, I worked some CRAZY hours last week; but, that’s okay… just can’t do it EVERY week.  Balance.  Life is all about the balance.  I had a pretty busy weekend, too; but got to see Amanda & Jasmin… so the little mini-PRSCamp reunion was fun. Anyway, running late so […]

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