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I had a dream…

No, I’m not channeling Martin Luther King.  Not really.  I’m thinking of a different set of dreams; not the ones that we have to change the world… but the ones we had to make the world.. our little world.  The one where we could do anything, be anything; before things like obligation, expectations, and fear […]

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I Resolve… to get a little more “Access”

So, some of you may have noticed I’ve been a little (read: a lot) more quiet online lately. That would be due to my move. I don’t have internet access from home/office until the 13th. THE THIRTEENTH!!! I seriously feel like someone is throwing up the Heisman every time I open up my laptop. Yes, […]

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This (Me), That (Dating), & The Other (New Year’s Resolutions)

Man, I loved that Sienfeld Episode… it’s such a perfect phrase, really: “This, that.. and the other.” You know, the one where Jerry and Elaine try to have it all? Here’s the thing, though – in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness… you really CAN’T have it all (as they found out).. you have […]

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