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The Trouble with “Talent Communities”

While in Tulsa last week at #OKHR, I spent some time talking with Jessica Miller-Merrell (1) about the buzz surrounding “Talent Communities.”  As we’re still in the ‘honeymoon phase’ with the term, it’s interesting to hear people talk about it like it’s a “new” thing.  It’s SEO gold for HR bloggers; and to hear many […]

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The Blog Squad: Creativity, Engagement & the Talent(ed) Community at #OKHR

It’s always fun when you’re surrounded by people who are like you. Who ‘gets it’ when you’re riled up after attending a learning session where you find out businesses are actually hiring people to sit around and MONITOR social media not to engage… but SQUASH employee participation. That sees the relative importance of understanding generational […]

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You Can’t Fix What Isn’t Broken

Last year, for the first time pretty much ever, I went through my first break-up that I didn’t initiate.  As much as it hurt; when I am honest with myself? It was long overdue.  We had been in various stages of discontent for months because neither one of us were being what the other needed. […]

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Do You Have a “One-Ply” Toilet Paper Organization??

I had this passing thought while traveling yesterday & decided to write a light-hearted blog about it:  Have you noticed how completely ineffective 1-ply toilet paper is?  Think about it for a minute:  companies choose this option in an effort to save money.  The rationalization is that while it doesn’t feel good; the savings will […]

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Adoption at #Work Checklist & #SmallBizSat

It was National Adoption Day last Saturday and it got me thinking.  Many people don’t even know there is such a day; of course, if they’re not adopted or are in someway connected to adoption… why would they?  As someone who was adopted and have recently formed a relationship with a biological sister who was […]

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