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My Message to Group Text Messages: Can I Get an Opt-Out for That?!

To be fair, I’m not big on text messages at all… at least, not in the way they’ve been used in the last couple of years:  a method of conversation.  I’ve always seen text messages as a means to an end, a way to deliver time-sensitive info:  “I’m on my way,” “There’s traffic on McAdams,” […]

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My Relationship Status? “It’s [Not] Complicated”

…and, with any luck, it’ll stay that way.  At least on Facebook.  Because I?  Do not connect with the men I choose to date on that platform. It wasn’t always that way.  For years, my status would stay static as “Single” or “Divorced” (1) but never “In a Relationship.”  Why?  Because I didn’t want to […]

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I had a dream…

No, I’m not channeling Martin Luther King.  Not really.  I’m thinking of a different set of dreams; not the ones that we have to change the world… but the ones we had to make the world.. our little world.  The one where we could do anything, be anything; before things like obligation, expectations, and fear […]

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Talking #Talent with @DriveThruHR

Today I had the distinct privilege of being a guest on DriveThruHR (1) and we talked about Talent Marketing/Recruitment & the Candidate Experience.  As I expected, the discussion was thought-provoking and fun.. even for me (especially for me?); and I chose the topic! Ha!  The show is based around the premise, “What in HR keeps you up […]

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“Hashing Out the Hashtag, II:” Communities

The Hashtag as the Community Calling Card for Organizations & Events – con’t from “Twitter 101:  Hashing Out the Hashtag“ Say what?  It’s a calling card?? What does that mean??   Remember earlier when we went over how tweets can be organized by organization, group, event, or company?  Well, over time, as multiple users tweet using […]

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