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Professional Booty Call

Got your attention, didn’t it?? Before you hyperventilate, no, I’m not talking about prostitution. At least, not the “Pretty Woman” kind. The argument can be made that we all pimp ourselves out – to degrees – for a paycheck; but that’s not really the point of this particular blog post. What the heck is a […]

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Talking #Talent with @DriveThruHR

Today I had the distinct privilege of being a guest on DriveThruHR (1) and we talked about Talent Marketing/Recruitment & the Candidate Experience.  As I expected, the discussion was thought-provoking and fun.. even for me (especially for me?); and I chose the topic! Ha!  The show is based around the premise, “What in HR keeps you up […]

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Adoption at #Work Checklist & #SmallBizSat

It was National Adoption Day last Saturday and it got me thinking.  Many people don’t even know there is such a day; of course, if they’re not adopted or are in someway connected to adoption… why would they?  As someone who was adopted and have recently formed a relationship with a biological sister who was […]

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“The Benevolent Dictator” – Generation Z

That darling little child at left?  Is mine.  She’s actually not that little anymore since she’s officially a teenager on Sunday; and I’m pretty sure she’d balk at being called a child.  She is, however, firmly the face of the “iGeneration,” properly known as Generation Z. When people have asked me to describe my daughter […]

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Joining up w/ TalentCulture: #Tchat Ambassadorship

As many of you who follow me on Twitter already know, I’m a -HUGE- fan of #TChat.  So much so, that my Twitter promotion of the #TChat channel earned me the title of  #TChat Ambassador.  For those that don’t tweet or didn’t yet know?  #TChat is the Twitter Channel for TalentCulture and focuses on the World of […]

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