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“Hashing Out the Hashtag, II:” Communities

The Hashtag as the Community Calling Card for Organizations & Events – con’t from “Twitter 101:  Hashing Out the Hashtag“ Say what?  It’s a calling card?? What does that mean??   Remember earlier when we went over how tweets can be organized by organization, group, event, or company?  Well, over time, as multiple users tweet using […]

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#Twitter 101: Hashing Out the Hashtag

If you’re on #SocialMedia – anywhere- chances are you’ve seen it.  The # sign that used to be most commonly associated with the phone number got a boost back in 2006:  it was reassigned as a “hashtag.”   But for those who haven’t joined or are new to the “Twitter Revolution?” (1)  Those #subjectmatterstrings you […]

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My June 2011 Tweet Cloud Wordle

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