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Someone Like You – Reminiscing On Our Quest for Camelot

This is one video that’s absolutely worth listening to her talking about the song BEFORE you read further.  It’s funny she mentioned this song reflected her being ‘on her knees;’ I was thinking this morning when I decided I wanted to write a blog using this song about the first time I heard this song.  It […]

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Horrible Bosses

Today I took my eldest daughter to the movies. While there, saw the previews for this new movie:  “Horrible Bosses.” It looked kinda funny.. honestly, the Prius comment was enough to pull me over to their darkside.  I’ll be there watching.  Besides, Spacey is a total genius.  So, it got me to thinking about the “bad […]

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Myspace Migration: Camelot & Camelot Companies

Current mood:awake This evening I was watching First Knight, as sleep once again has eluded me. I love that movie; if you haven’t seen it, you really should. From a movie-watcher perspective, Julia Ormond (1), Richard Gere, and Sean Connery (2) gave top notch performances. From a story perspective, it’s fabulous. In the movie, the […]

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